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A Magic: The Gathering Weekend



Grand Prix Main Event Registration Options

Experience the Grand Prix weekend your way by choosing from one of several registration options below.  

Please remember the following important dates.

  • MAIN EVENT REGISTRATION ONLINE DISCOUNT RATE UNTIL - 6/22/17  (Early Bird until 6/23/17 - The Early Bird gets the playmat!)
  • Late Registration is in effect in person and online from 12:01 AM - 9:00 PM Eastern Time on 6/23/17



Register by 8/3/17
$70 -  online by clicking here 

Late Registration (anytime on 8/4/17)
$80 - Online from 12:01 AM until 9 PM, or on-site from 12 Noon until 9 PM 


  • Grand Prix Foil Progenitus
  • Pastimes Scorepad & Pen
  • FREE entry into the Promotional MiniMaster Event* (Must be present on Friday at 12 Noon. to redeem)
  • FREE Entry into the Modern event on Sunday (must be present at 5 p.m.)

    VIP Upgrade

    Enhance your Grand Prix Weekend Experience by adding a VIP Upgrade - only 100 VIP Upgrades available!
    *VIP Upgrade for individuals only

    *You may upgrade THE MAIN EVENT or THE MEGABADGE
    This is an upgrade and does not include actual registration for the Grand Prix or The MegaBadge.  This is an add-on.

    With the VIP Upgrade you receive (in addition to your other purchases)

    • Exclusive Grand Prix Messenger Bag
    • Exclusive Grand Prix VIP Playmat & The regular GP Playmat
    • Exclusive Grand Prix Personalized VIP Lanyard and Badge
    • Grand Prix Foil
    • Deck Box
    • Sleeves
    • Pastimes Water Bottle & access to water stations
    • Access to the exclusive VIP Lounge and the VIP Concierge
    • Phone and Electronics power stations (leave your items with the concierge between rounds for full charge!)
    • Two Side Event Coupons - Each good for $20 towards any Scheduled or On Demand Event
    • Exclusive VIP Event each day  (Participation Prize for each event includes minimum of 30 Prize Tix AND the Grand Prix Promo Foil )
      • Friday - Sealed Deck Event - 4 PM
      • Saturday - Sealed Draft - 7 PM
      • Sunday - Grand Melee Draft - 2 PM
      • These events are held in the VIP Area (if you are not able to make the event, stop by the VIP Concierge to pick up your packs)
    • *Please note, the VIP Upgrade does NOT include entry into the Grand Prix but can be added to any of the other options to upgrade your experience.  VIP purchase is for an individual, not a team.

    What you get:

    • FREE entry into 20+ Events (schedule coming soon)
    • The Grand Prix Foil
    • Grand Prix Minneapolis Playmat
    • Exclusive Lanyard and Badge!  
    • Three 8 Player $20 Scheduled or On Demand Event certificates
    • Scorepad & Pen
    • A Pastimes Drawstring back pack

      *Please note, the MegaBadge does NOT include entry into the Grand Prix.  MegaBadge purchase is for an individual, not a team.

    Grand Prix Minneapolis Swag Bag!

    • The Grand Prix Minneapolis Playmat
    • Pastimes Water Bottle
    • Pastimes Scorepad & Pen
    • Pastimes drawstring backpack
    • Deckbox and 50ct pack of leeves
    • $20 Event Coupon

    *Please note, the Swag Bag does NOT include entry into the Grand Prix.  The Swag Bag purchase is for an individual, not a team.

    If you have any questions or comments, please email

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