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The Grand Prix experience isn't complete without a visit to the artists. They bring life to our favorite cards and characters in the game. They are always happy to sign cards, often have proofs, prints, and original copies of art, perhaps one of your favorites. We are proud to have these artists joining us:



A farmboy from Illinois with a gift for sketching, rk post has become one of Magic's iconic artists. Some of his most beloved creations include Morphling as well as Lightning Angel.  RK always has new offerings available - tokens, playmats, dice bags and more at







A Texas native, Clint Cearley has seen his share of the world making appearances at Grand Prix and other events.  Starting with Innistrad Clint has brought his own brand of art to an array of popular cards such as Grapeshot (Modern Masters), Propaganda (Commander), Syncopate (Return to Ravnica), and the Fate Reforged Delve-fueled extra-turn spell Temporal Trespass.







Jason is a visual artist working in the entertainment industry. Since 1994, he has provided ideas, visual arts, and conceptual solutions for many major clients in various industries. Over Jason’s career, his work has appeared in award winning video games, book covers, movies and comic books.

With 20+ years experience in the entertainment industry, he utilizes a diverse skill set to create his imagery including traditional art, sculpting, photography, animation, 3d modeling, matte painting, and exploring any new digital art program tools.”

Check out Jason's Magic artwork by clicking here.  Also, go to his website for more


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