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A Magic: The Gathering Weekend

Pastimes Competitive Event Information for the Magic Masters Series


Seating for deck construction will be posted at 8:45 AM. At 9:00 AM we will begin the player meeting.

You can find the Seatings for the player meeting ahead of time by clicking here

Judges will distribute Fat Pack boxes with the following items:

  • 6 Boosters of Kaladesh
  • 1 Sleeve with promo card and playmat redemption ticket (to be redeemed at the Prize Wall)
  • 1 Pen and scorepad
  • 1 Decklist with Waiver on the back

You should sign and date the Waiver, and write your name and DCI number in the "Player Using Deck" field and your table number in the top left corner of the decklist. These six packs are your packs, although they will be temporarily be in the hands of the player across from you for the purposes of deck registration.

When instructed by the Head Judge to do so, all of the players on one side of each table will open their packs and show the contents to the player seated across from them. Then, the players on the other side of the table will do the same. Once all packs have been opened, you will exchange cards and decklists. Write your name and DCI number in the "Player Registering Deck" field and register the entire contents of the pools in the "Total" column on the decklist. You will have 20 minutes for this activity.

Once pool registration is complete, take back your own cards and decklist and verify that it has been registered correctly, waiting to check the entire pool for errors before calling a judge to report those errors. Once all pools have been verified, you will have 30 minutes for deck construction, during which you should build a deck with a minimum of 40 cards, including basic lands which will be provided. Record only the cards you are playing in the main deck in the "Played" column. Don't forget to record the basic lands you are playing. Remember that deck construction is a solitary activity. Once you are done, turn your decklist in to a judge (they will be walking around collecting lists).



If you have a Sleep-In-Special (SIS), you will have a preregistered pool waiting for you. Just walk straight into the hall and as soon as you walk past the Artist Area, look to your right and walk to the Blue Gathering Point banner. Judges there will check you in and get you started on deck construction (30 minutes). You should check in no later than the following times based on the number of byes you have:

0 Round Bye - 9:15 AM

1 Round Bye - 10:15 AM

2 Round Bye - 11:15 AM

3 Round Bye - 12:15 PM

If you have any questions or comments, please email

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