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Pastimes Competitive Event Information for the Magic Masters Series

When to arrive at Grand Prix Pittsburgh and how to get your stuff! Everyone should read!

With changes to Sleep In Special (everyone now gets Sleep In Special as part of their GP Registration) there are some modifications to our GP Morning Procedures.

If you have no byes, please report to Hall A at the convention center at 8:50 AM.  We will post seatings for the player meeting before that time.  Please make your way to your assigned seat.  At 9:00 we will begin the Player Meeting.  We will need to collect a completed publicity waiver from every player (they will be handed out at the Player Meeting). If you have not submitted your decklist online ( - you should do this!) - we will collect those at that time as well.  During the player meeting, you will receive your GP Promo Foil card. 

If you have 1 bye, please be at the GP Hall at 10:15.

If you have 2 byes, please be at the GP Hall at 11:15

If you have 3 byes, please be at the GP Hall at 12:15

At the appropriate time you will be seated for your player meeting.  Waivers will be collected and the GP Promo will be distributed. Please make sure you have submitted your decklist prior to 9 AM on Saturday at the Info Booth or online at

All players MUST attend their appropriate Player Meeting.  Thank you for your cooperation.

If you registered in time for the Early Bird, or for the MegaPackage, you will receive your playmat redemption coupon at this time as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please email

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